You may now order our delicious ramen for delivery to limited area codes! Woo-hoo! 
To order our ramen please go to or or you can call our delivery service line at: 206-473-8562.

Area codes we deliver to:
No minimum purchase area codes: 98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98105, 98109, 98112, 98115, 98122, 98154,98164, 98174, 98195
$50 minimum purchase area codes: 98107, 98119, 98121, 98199

Just a notice; we are no longer accepting delivery orders via text.

This 4th of July our Capital Hill and University District locations will be closed, however, our International District location will remain open from 10:00 am- 3:00pm (last order.) 
In addition, our delivery service (, 206-473-8562,, will be available between 11:00 am-9:00 pm for regularly offered area codes to fulfill your ramen cravings!
All stores will be open on 7/5 during regular business hours. Thank you!!!

This upcoming Sunday, 2/17, Samurai Noodle will be doing a free tasting event of our products at Uwajimaya Bellevue, now that we have made our ramen kits available through their store! Come by and try samples of our products from 11:30am-7:30pm!

Now some of the most popular Samurai Noodle ramen are available as kits at the Bellevue Uwajimaya location! Our take-home and cook-at-your-leisure kit options include Shouyu, Tonkotsu, Miso, and Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Ramen.

Now you can pick what kind of pork you would like in your ramen! Choose from Traditional Pork Slice or Leaner Pork Shoulder Slice. Pork slice substitution is free, and you will receive one slice of your pork of choice.

Traditional Pork Slice
Leaner Pork Shoulder Slice
pork slice
pork shoulder slice

Samurai Noodle is going to be having a company-wide meeting this evening (Monday, January 14th). Because of this, all of our locations will be closing early:

International District - 7pm
Capitol Hill - 7:30pm
University District - 7:45pm

We apologize for any inconvenience, and our stores will return to their regular schedules starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 15th.

Happy Holidays! Our stores will be operating on a slightly different schedule next week due to Christmas.


International District: 12/24: 10am-3:45pm, 12/25: closed, 12/30: 10am-6pm, 12/31: 10am-5pm, 1/1: 10am-3:45pm, 1/2: 10am-5pm.
University District: 12/24: 11am-4pm, 12/25: closed, 12/26: 11am-9pm, 12/27: 11am-9pm, 12/28: 11am-9pm, 1/2: 11am-8pm, 1/3: 11am-8pm.
Capitol Hill: 12/24: 11am-8:30pm, 12/25: closed, 12/31-1/3: 11am-9:30pm.

Additionally, from 12/19-1/04/13, the University District store will be open from 11am-9pm.

All dates not listed will be operating on the regular schedule. Thank you!

Samurai Noodle has launched the delivery service from our Unviersity District location that will be covering the following zip codes: 98102, 98105, 98112, 98195, and limited areas of 98103 and 98109. Click here for more details about the location coverage, the delivery menu, and for the number to order! We look forward to getting your order soon!

Samurai Noodle will be launching a delivery service from our University District store that will cover the following zip codes: 98102, 98105, 98112, 98195, and limited coverage in 98103 and 98109. Stay tuned for more information ad we lauch the beta testing stage of our delivery service!

Also, we have been featured in an article about Amazon Fresh in the Seattle Times.

Samurai Noodle gift cards are now available for purchase online through QuickGifts! Click here to get one - a great gift for ramen lovers for any holiday or occasion!

Additionally, we wish everyone a happy and save Thanksgiving. Our store hours will be operating on alternative hours on Thanksgiving, 11/22:

International District: 10am-3pm
University District: 10am-3pm
Capitol Hill: Closed

We now have an interview and video of one of Samurai Noodle's best cooks, Marie Fox, and her experiences in the Samurai Noodle kitchen. Read it here: Ramen Girls.

Our anniversary deal on pork slices has been extended for another week! Now you can get an extra pork slice (or two!) for $.50 cents each (regular: $.92) until November 21st. Hurry in while supplies and the offer last!

One week left until the 14th, and our anniversary deal on pork is over. Come on in to any of our stores while you still have time and get some extra pork at a great deal, only $0.50 for the firsttwo extra slices of pork! (Regular $0.92).

Celebrate Samurai Noodle's 6-year anniversary with extra pork! November 1st through November 14th: The first two extra pork slices are available for $0.50 each (regular $0.92, offer only valid while supplies last and may be discontinued due to low stock.)

Our International District location will be closing early tonight with the Last Order at 6:15p, due to building maintenance, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Samurai Noodle is now available for home delivery through Amazon Fresh to Seattle area residents!


Samurai Noodle is having a Sake Tasting event on October 5th at the Capitol Hill location on 412 Broadway E., from 6-9pm! Stop by the store and grab your favorite ramen dish, then follow it up by learning about different kinds of sake and what foods they best compliment with an Orcas Distributing Company representative!




Sengoku Noodle News
The first licensed international branch of Samurai Noodle, Sengoku Noodle had its grand opening on 7/4/2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia! They are located at the address: "Rukan crown golf standart Blok A No.009 Jakarta Utara".
For those wondering: The name "Sengoku Noodle" is inspired by the warring states period of Japan, is attributed to the historic period known for its social revolution and political strife. An era of great advancements, the Sengoku period marked the height of the reign of the samurai, an association which fosters the connection between these two concepts of the "Sengoku" and the "Samurai;" this sentimentality shines through in our new Sengoku Noodle brand which continues to embody the heart and soul of Samurai Noodle.
When Sengoku Noodle first opened, they received a great response from the Indonesian market and customers! The store has seen a large flow of business since opening, and has been packed practically since the moment they opened their doors! There were initially 88 seats spread over two separate floors, which have since been reduced to 72 seats to accommodate cooking for large volumes of customers in a timely manner. To help with the grand opening, two Samurai Noodle crew members from Seattle were dispatched to Jakarta. So far they have had a wonderful time helping open the new location and working with the Jakarta crew, all of whom have the best smile and warmest hearts to welcome new customers! Even through busy 12-hour days, the Sengoku Noodle crew maintains their gumption and great attitude. 




7 - 2 - 2012
Samurai Noodle will be opening their first lisenced international branch on 7 - 4 - 2012, in Jakarta, Indonesia!The Indonesia store will be called "Sengoku Noodle" and will be celebrating their grandopening very soon!
The first branch of Samurai Noodle store locations opening overseas, Sengoku Noodle will soon be opening in Jakarta, Indonesia. This name, inspired by the warring states period of Japan, is attributed to the historic period known for its social revolution and political strife. An era of great advancements, the Sengoku period marked the height of the reign of the samurai, an association which fosters the connection between these two concepts of the "Sengoku" and the "Samurai;" this sentimentality shines through in our new Sengoku Noodle brand which continues to embody the heart and soul of Samurai Noodle.

4 - 18 - 2012
Our University District and Capitol Hill locations have begun serving the Gyudon.
Gyudon is a delicious bowl of steamed rice topped with beef simmered with onion in a sweet and salty sauce. A traditional and popular dish in Japan, Gyudon is commonly eaten with a poached egg*, pickled ginger, and Shichimi (ground chili pepper).
While Samurai Noodle’s standard Gyudon does not come with a poached egg*, you can add one to your order for $1.00. We happily offer pickled ginger and Shichimi as complimentary condiments.
* Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase the risk for food-borne illness.

4 - 12 - 2012

This spring, Samurai Noodle has many exciting news:
We are going to be opening our first international licensed location in Jakarta, Indonesia in June!

The Annual Big Eater Contest finally has an official date - June 24th, 2012. Mark your calendars, and come in to compete with our local big eaters to see who can eat the most noodles!

We have some new menu items including the Bacon Tonkotsu, which is a fusion of American and Japanese quisine, as well as two delicious new mochi flavors: green tea and green tea filled with anko (red bean).

Samurai Noodle is now selling noodles in bulk to customers who wish to have the taste of our hand-made ramen at home!

So come on in and try our new items, and let us know what you think! And remember that there is always time to try out for the Big Eater competition - just let your waiter know you want to give it a shot!


Current events: Big Eater Contest! How many ramen noodles can you eat?

Upcoming Events: 5th year anniversary, Mochi Samples, and our Second Free Sake Tasting. Details here.



Our new special schedules are as follows:
Happy Hour:
2p-7p, Monday-Friday at International District,
2:30p-6p and 9p-last order every day at University District,
2:30p-7p and 10p-last order every day at Capitol Hill.

Student Special:
Monday-Friday 2p-6p at International and University District stores,
Monday-Friday 2p-7p at Capitol Hill.

Our HALLOWEEN EVENT has one more day left! Show off your costumes at any of our stores for a 30% discount!

10-8-2011 now has a new mobile-friendly splash page which you can use to navigate to our Facebook and Twitter, or the main site. We have also added a link to our blog, which we will be using to post additional information about Ramen history, as well as store traditions. Check it out!

There's a lot of exciting Samurai Noodle Events planned for the near future, so keep your eyes peeled and check back here often to get details on how you can participate and maybe score some free ramen.

Don't forget to stop by one of our three locations and try our new in-house noodles!


We are producing our own noodles in-store at our Capitol Hill location! We are scheduled to begin serving them at the very end of September, but in the meantime you can come by and watch them get made - our impressive noodle machine resides in the front of our store and you can see it in operation around lunch hours!


You can see more photos of noodle production on our Facebook page.


The Capitol Hill Samurai Noodle has scheduled a free sake tasting event for September 30 from 6p-9p! Supplies are limited, so come early!

See our events page for details!

The Capitol Hill Samurai Noodle has been cropping up in articles and blogs all over the internet. Check them out!

Capitol Hill Seattle - The Future of Bailey Coy

Seattle Met - Happy Hour News (Samurai Noodle among best HH on Capitol Hill!)



The Capitol Hill Samurai Noodle store is now exhibiting the art of Jonathan Wakuda Fischer! His unique style combines the contemporary with the traditional using spraypaint in the style of ukiyo-e prints. Swing by our store to see his beautiful work!

9-10-2011 just got a fresh new look! We now have information about our third store as well as expanded menus and specials up, so if you haven't been to Samurai Noodle lately, check out what we've added!

* New location in Capitol Hill with Izakaya menu and Sake Bar!
* New Karashi Takana topping to spice up your favourite dishes!
* Daily specials are now available every day, regardless of the special posted!
* Happy Hour at all three stores, and Sake Cocktails in the University District and Capitol Hill!

All the stores are now serving a delicious new topping - Karashi Takana! It is a ramen topping that originated in Hakata that is a sautee of pickled mustard greens with chili and sesame oil. It's tangy and spicy, so if you're a fan of a hotter dish try adding this to your ramen!

Our newest branch in Capitol Hill is expanding their menu! Come on in and try our authentic Izakaya-style appetizers and sake bar, featuring unique sake cocktails!

Your favorite daily specials are now available every day at each of our three locations.

International District: 606 5th Ave S - 206.624.9321 University District: 4138 University Way NE - 206.547.1774 Capitol Hill: 412 Broadway E - 206.323.7991
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